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Nine young volunteers gather with several children in front of their rainbow-colored homes, smiling

Community Engagement

Every month, Project LAAN gives lectures and modules to its partner families in order to educate and empower them to confidently engage the health system and better take care of their own health. Our initiatives are not only focused on capability-building, but are anchored on building relationships as well. Aside from lectures, several interactive activities like role play and games are incorporated into each module.

Four middle-aged women sit by each other listening to a speaker at a community visit

Public Health Advocacy

Every year, Project LAAN holds its Universal Health Coverage (UHC) Summit and several Public Health Forums that center on how health-for-all can be achieved in the Philippines, and how the health sector and the youth can contribute to nation-building. Moreover, we regularly organize campaigns to promote core messages in health advocacy towards stronger awareness and concrete action.

UHC Bootcamps

UHC Bootcamps are special community visits by Project LAAN for the communities of partner student organizations. Practical modules on health promotion and preventive health measures are developed for the specific needs of each community.

Twenty young people sit on a field of grass, smiling towards the camera

Member Development

Project LAAN is more than a youth-led organization, it is family. We build on real-world skills through project management, training sessions, and various opportunities for member involvement. But we also build relationships through various bonding activities and a cluster mentoring and care system. Our goal is to develop public health advocates in all our members, regardless of their field or discipline.

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